The French Drain

This older house suffered with damp rizeing up the

walls. Although sum degree of humidity is expected in older houses built with out damp corse

this problem became much worse after a new house built near by, interupted the natural corse

of a spring. It was decided to install a french drain

close to the walls of the house in order to intersept

the approaching ground water.


A trench is dug close to the walls

of the house and a permiable pipe

layed in the bottom. It is covered

with clean washed stone that supports the pipe and prevents

collaps but alows the water to find

the small holes in the pipe, colects

in the bottom and drains away. The

entire trench is back filled with stone untill 4inches from the ground level where its covered with

geo text and this is then secured with the rest of the stone.




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