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Ground  Works


Although seldom seen the most important aspect of any building are its foundations. It makes no sense to skimp on time or material at this stage ownley

to realise the real cost later on.  We ensure our foundations are adequate for the

job at hand and also anticipate future needs.

Foundation Trench
Sleeper wall
Sand Blind Oversite
Insulation Concrete Oversite


The sides of the trench should be

vertical and the bottoms flat and dry.

Any loose or soft material should be

removed and the size and depth of the

trench take into account 1,the nature

of the ground and 2, the imposed loads. Special care is taken with clay

soils due to possible ground heave.


Concrete should be of sufficient strength

and thickness to support the loads placed

upon it, and careful thought given to

any reinforcement and its position within the structure

Spine Wall
 Concrete Oversite

The oversite

After  any drainage pipes have been installed the sub base is leveled and compacted its sand blinded to prevent the perforation of the d.p.m. which is brought up the sides

of the blocks and tucked into the damp course. 6cm of high density polystyrene is fitted and this is covered with 12cm of concrete.


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