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  Structural work

We build in brick, block  stone and timber. By using authentic materials typical of

the region we are usually able to blend new to old

Stone Work
Stone wall construction


Because the stone is round and

smooth and there is no real bond wall ties are laid as the work progresses. The finished walls await there oak gates and tile cappings, indistinguishable from

the masonry of the existing buildings.

Room Enlargement

Its decided to enlarge the lounge into

the room beyond. The ceiling is supported on props, the wall removed

and at each end sockets cut to recieve

the bearing ends of the lintel..

This pair of stone walls was built partly to obscure the space beyond. and also to complete a formal courtyard. Made  from river stone [large pebbles found on the river banks through out the area] and laid in a lime rich mortar, they blend nicely with the

origonal walls of the existing buildings.

Stone wall construction

The shuttering is made up and steel reinforcement introduced, concrete is

poured in through the open top and

vibrated. After a time the shuttering is

removed. All thats left is to make good.

Lintel socket
Concrete lintel
Plaster work

 This kind of work is bread and butter

and usualy straight forward but it can

transform the look and feel of the hole

house, turning what was two rather

small rooms into a spacious light and

airy lounge

The rough beam is rendered, plastered and

decorated and with the addition of the egg

and dart coving is absorbed into and becomes part of the architecture of the house. A nice feature doing a vital job.

Plaster Mouldings
Plaster Mouldings

Split level Patio
Split Level Patio

The Terrace

Above shows the transformation of the old raised hard standing to the side of the house. The Author suggested the addition of the solid concrete base and full length

rising steps to create a split level terrace slabbed and landscaped its ideal for dineing

and entertaining.


The following pictures show the rescue of the rear of this house in order to create a Kitchen but firstly to prevent collapse. It was found as you see it with the old timber wall

having been removed and therefore "with no visible means of support".

Once the gravity of the situation was realised, hard hats were issued and the roof immediately supported on props! What was left of the old frame was removed and the wall to the right [which was to be extended to support the roof] dog toothed to form a bond withe the new work. A foundation trench is dug and concrete poured. The new wall

together with doorway  is built and a concrete Lintel cast above. The block work is continued to the required hight and joist built in. The wall is built up to roof level and the

Props removed. "Alls well that ends well."


Structural Repairs
Roof Support
Foundation Trench
Dog tooth Blockwork
Form Concrete Lintel
First Floor Joist
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